Farm and Forest Festival and Plant Sale

Posted On November 4, 2008

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Saturday, I attended the Farm and Forest Festival at Georgia Southern’s Botanical Garden to promote Continuing Education’s “Festival of Trees.” The Farm Festival began as a farmer’s market, a chance for local produce vendors to come together to sell their home-grown goods. It takes place every first and third Saturday in Statesboro at a local bank parking lot. This Saturday, however, it was moved back to the Botanical Garden, where it originally began, to help promote the Garden’s annual plant sale. Locals brought their best woodwork, home-made jellies and jams, artwork, baked goods, and more to showcase. Children were able to get in on the action by participating in a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, basket toss, and were even able to make their own ‘pitcher plant.’

When I first arrived to set up at the Festival, I passed by washtubs filled with large green cucumber-like objects that I realized I couldn’t place. They were far too big to be an actual cucumber, and they definitely weren’t squash or zucchini.  I dismissed  them and began setting up my promotional materials. As the day passed, people sporadically approached my table, I gave them my spill on what all our event entailed. By early afternoon, I decided it was quickly approaching time for me to pack my table and more on to the next activity I had on my list of things to do that day. People were more interested in spending their money on funnel cakes and produce than free information on an event still a few weeks away. As I carried a load of materials back to my car, a guy from the Garden’s event staff stopped me with those mysterious green not-cucumbers hanging on a string around his neck. He slid one into a bag that I was holding in my left hand.

It was a loofah. Yes, a loofah…you bathe with it. When the green skin dries out, it begins to crack and peel open, exposing the same type of wiry mesh that you might find glued to a wooden handle on the soap aisle at the local grocery store.

Because of its unusual nature, I’ve shown it to everyone who has come by my house in the last two days. Before I tell them what I’m holding, I make them guess what it is. It’s a powerful feeling sharing something that you know will make someone even slightly more educated once you tell them what it is, and how it works.

I am eagerly waiting for the loofa to begin its transformation from cucumber-look-alike to bathroom fixture. Thanks Mr. Garden Event Staff Guy for educating me, so that I may in turn educate others.


One Response to “Farm and Forest Festival and Plant Sale”

  1. Barbara Nixon

    Tess — I hope you do post a photo of the loofah when it has finished making its transformation.

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