PR for Small Businesses

Posted On April 2, 2008

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Good PR can be affordable for small businesses

Think about your audience

This may be more than just customers. The audience may be anyone who has an interest in your business such as local media, vendors and supplieres, or even competitiors. 

Develop a PR plan

  • Identify your goals and objectices
  • Position your product. Decide how you want to be perceived in your market.
  • Develop a key message for your business

Once you have these concepts, come up with a strategy for ways to accomplish these objectives. You also need to settle on a few good tactics such as speeches, articles, and media outreaches, all of which are good tactics for small businesses.

Develop a relationship with the local media

Do not be affraid of local media. The media is always looking for new story ideas…your business may offer the angle they are looking for. Promote yourself and your business by showing the media that you are well qualified and highly skilled in the area of your business.


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